Invest in your future. The time is now.

There’s never been a better opportunity for first-time home buyers to realize their dreams of home ownership. The unbeatable combination of high inventory, historically low interest rates, and more realistically priced homes, add up to the buying opportunity of a lifetime. You still have an opportunity to take advantage of refinancing under the HARP program; which offers lower interests to new home Owners (with little or no equity in their homes).

High Inventory and Realistic Prices: The current economic conditions as well as the increase in foreclosures have resulted in a surplus of homes on the market. This combination of high inventory and more realistically priced homes has created some of the best values that real estate has seen in a long time. The surplus of homes on the market not only gives the buyer negotiating power, it creates a wonderful opportunity for first-time home buyers to find a property that fits their lifestyle, vision, and budget.

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